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Donna's book is now available that details her second bout with cancer and her on-line journal.  It's called "The Good Fight".  It's an exciting development because 100% of the net proceeds from the book will benefit The Donna Foundation. The publisher, Closet Books, approached Donna last summer with the generous offer and she jumped at the opportunity. The book chronicles not only her fight, but those of the many survivors and supporters who helped her along the path.  Here's an excerpt:

"All I wanted to do was escape my body.  Be somewhere, anywhere else.  The nurse gave me an injection.  Radioactive glucose.  If I had cancer, I was told, it would beam like a light bulb when they scanned my body.  I was dressed in a white terry cloth robe, and placed in a long tube-like machine up to my forehead.  The scan started at my feet and worked slowly upward.  It took almost an hour.  I can't honestly tell you what my thoughts were during that time. I was just surviving.  Looking at the scan would have been incredibly fascinating if it wasn't my own body.  A 3-D spinning me, rotating on the screen.  Completely clear.  With the exception of one big beaming spot well above my right breast."

The book is available online for $19.99 plus tax and $5.95 shipping and handling. 

"Through Rose Colored Glasses"
by Donna Deegan

Need inspiration to run the 26.2 with Donna? Read about the woman behind the race in Donna’s new book, Through Rose Colored Glasses. In it, she shares her own personal marathon as a three time breast cancer survivor, and her passion for the marathon she created to help cure the disease and empower those living with it. A triumph of love over fear. This is a book for everyone.


"The Good Fight"
by Donna Deegan

Detailing her personal struggle during her second bout with breast cancer, proceeds from Donna's book benefit The Donna Foundation.